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Welcome to Adnitt Acoustics Europe. We are a leading independent acoustics consultancy practice.

We provide specialist consultancy services relating to all aspects of acoustics, noise and vibration for a wide range of sectors.


We provide specialist consultancy services relating to all aspects of acoustics.

Building acoustics

Acoustic consultancy services during all design phases in the development of hotel, office, residential, educational, hospital, leisure, and commercial use buildings to…

Room acoustics

Room acoustic interior design of restaurants, auditoria, theatres, shopping centres, teaching rooms, conference rooms, sport centres, offices and any other space…

Environmental acoustics

Environmental noise impact assessments due to leisure and industrial noise, noise modelling of acoustic sources, noise and vibration impact assessments…


Vibration impact assessments of transport infrastructure systems, vibration monitoring of railway traffic (over ground and underground), demolition / construction…


Airborne sound insulation, impact sound transmission, façade sound insulation, atmospheric noise emissions, reverberation time, vibration, blower door…


We are acoustics enthusiasts; passionate about what we do and the role acoustics plays in a successful development. Acoustic design does not only benefit the end user; clients and developers also benefit from the added value delivered by well-designed acoustic spaces in buildings, whatever their use.


We undertake environmental noise testing and vibration monitoring. Our organisation follows the requirements of ISO 17025 and has…

We can also advise on room acoustics (interior design) in leisure spaces such as restaurants, auditoria, shopping centres, as well as offices…

We provide a wide range of services in environmental acoustics like noise modelling in commercial and leisure spaces or any other…

We provide advice in noise and vibration control of building services to ensure both noise break-out and noise break-in are…


Juan Luis

Juan Luis

Juan Luis graduated at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). After his scholarship at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), University of Southampton he completed his MSc in Building and Environmental Acoustics at London Southbank University. Juan...



Robert has worked in the acoustics industry since he graduated in Acoustics and Vibration Engineering from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at University of Southampton. Specialising in building acoustics, Robert has been Principal Consultant...



Chris holds an undergraduate degree in Physics and Computer Science from the University of Wales (Swansea) and a postgraduate degree in Applied Acoustics and Noise Control from the University of Surrey. He is also an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) accredited by the...

Adnitt Acoustics UK

Adnitt Acoustics UK

Technical staff based in the UK including acoustic consultants, engineers and technicians.


Adnitt Acoustics Europe at Internoise 2019

Adnitt Acoustics Europe at Internoise 2019

Our engineer Juan Luis Riopérez attended Internoise 2019 in Madrid to present his paper "The Acoustic analysis of sound transmission in a mixed-use development using Statistical Energy Analysis"

Adnitt Acoustics Europe at Construmat 2019

Adnitt Acoustics Europe at Construmat 2019

Ignacio Alonso has attended the 21st Construmat Fair in Barcelona on 15 May 2019 to meet with construction sector specialists and to attend the BREEAM Spain conference presented by its Director.